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    MCAC Futsal Dream Team to Compete in the 2018 Futsal Canadian Championship

    A group of local all-star futsal players are bringing their talents to the national stage.

    Winnipeg's Rovers Futsal Club is heading to Canada Soccer’s 2018 Futsal Canadian Championship this weekend at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

    The Rovers secured their spot after winning the Manitoba Soccer Association's first-ever Senior Men’s Futsal Provincial Championship back in January.

    Their roster is predominantly made up of MCAC athletes, including their coaches Russ Willms (CMU) and Doug Lawrie (RRC), but most players have spent more time competing against one another rather than sport the same uniform.

    "It was fairly easy to play together actually," said Anderson Pereira, former Red River College Rebel. "Even though some players have never played together before we have an amazing connection."

    Once Pereira caught wind of the inaugural futsal championship he contacted Université de Saint-Boniface Les Rouges' Yahia Chihab – one MVP to another – about bringing some guys together to put a team in the tournament.

    "During my three years of playing in the MCAC I made a lot of friends from other colleges," said Pereira. "All the players on the roster are amazing futsal players."

    He's not kidding, the Rovers roster is stacked, an MCAC Futsal Dream Team.

    Pereira (RRC), Chihab (USB), and Seifeddine Dhaoui (RRC), three MCAC futsal MVPs, lead off the impressive roster in addition to 2018 all-conference selections Robbie Friesen (CMU), Alex Castro (RRC), and Les Rouges standout Derek Mains (USB).

    The Rovers kick off their national competition this Thursday, April 19 against Nunavut and all games will be live-streamed at

    Rovers Group B Schedule (CST)

    Thursday, April 19 – 2:15PM Manitoba (Rovers FC) vs Nunavut (Rankin FC)

    Friday, April 20 – 10:45AM Manitoba (Rovers FC) vs Quebec (Sporting Montreal)

    Saturday, April 21 – 1:00PM Manitoba (Rovers FC) vs Saskatchewan (Saskatoon Olimpia)

    For more information about the Rovers you can visit their website and follow them on their journey on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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